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Let's beat Depression and Anxiety with AI-based "Khushibot" the chatbot

I am Khushibot, a smart, intelligent, patient-friendly chatbot. I am trained to help you with your disease management. The esteemed medical practitioners consider me as a perfect partner who is trained to help patients manage Depression and Anxiety in a novel way. It is a matter of great pride for me to share that I am also a progressive step towards digital healthcare services in the country.

Know me

I am powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). By providing scientific counselling, I can help patients suffering from depression and anxiety along with various associated comorbidities like diabetes, heart problems, asthma etc. in managing their conditions in a better way. I can respond to Patient needs with the best possible advice. I am also trained to get back quickly and reply in case any patient leaves a question or query.

My style of working

My working mechanism is quite simple but smart. My inbuilt AI will ask multiple questions related to Depression and Anxiety to the patients via WhatsApp and feed it to the Virtual Operator. The virtual operator will then answer all the queries in return through Whatsapp.

Here to help you but not a substitute to your esteemed doctor

Although the information I provide has been medically verified, remember I am just the doctor's preferred partner and not the actual doctor. Patient's doctor and healthcare team would always be the best people to advise them regarding the right treatment options weighing their medical condition. The information I provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is also important to note that what works best for one person, may not necessarily work in the same way for another individual. So do not start or stop any medication without the doctor’s advice. Always use the written prescription provided by your doctor only. In the event of a medical emergency, please call the doctor.

Reach me

Any patient can interact with Khushibot by sending a Hi on the WhatsApp Number +91 73787 61010. I am available 24x7 and anyone in need of a virtual friend can connect through this innovative chatbot.

So get ready to take a digital step towards better depression and anxiety management with Khushibot!

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